July 21 Update from Amistad

block party
[The annual Amistad Block Party is coming up on July 28th! Read on for more info.]

Hello friends,
Excuse the typo’s.

I’m writing this late a night and will try to review it, before sending or not, because that would cause another delay. Catching up with you has been hard to do, so forgive if I forget to mention something.

Mark is doing well. We talked a couple of days ago. He and I continue to be in good spirits. The timed calls are annoying, but we are able to get a lot said, in a short period of time. We are having quality time making sure to take the time to pay attention to each other’s needs and have another conversation about CW and legal business.

We talked about what Federal Prison would be great to be moved to, if anymore time would have to be served after the trial. One of the highlights was finding out that the Danbury Federal facility is Co-Ed, so there’s a possibility to be able to have him close to home when transferred. We have no control in the location but one can hope. I can’t still convince the man to call me daily, because he is concerned about being a burden, but he does write me a postcard everyday.

Also, thanks to our dear friend, Stephen Kobasa, Mark has been able to share his reflections for posting to the wider community (see next post). Stephen has been transcribing Mark’s writings, as they slowly came in on postcards which may take up to a few days to receive. I’m glad that Mark was smart enough to date and number the postcards which assured us that they are complete before sharing. I enjoy sharing these wonderful reflections with you, and do ask for your understanding in the delay of sharing them with you.

You’ll get quicker updates if you are or friend me; Luz Catarineau-Colville or follow the Amistad Catholic Worker page, on Facebook. I try to get on FB when I have time even in the midst of my busy schedule at Amistad and at work, because many are on FB.

Thanks to being computer literate, Anna Rose Gable, a wonderful former live in community member, has taken on the daunting task, of adding stuff onto the website; amistadcw.wordpress.com.

*We moved onto Rosette on July 1st, 1994, and decided to start the Amistad Catholic Worker twenty four years ago today, July 19th, 2018. We had a mass to mark the best decision we made in our lives and were able to celebrate that decision with all our friends and family from our old neighborhood in Bronx, New York and New Haven, CT.

Please join us for the Amistad Catholic Worker Annual Block Party on July 28, 2018. We will begin the day by having a Mass celebrated by another dear friend, Joseph Blotz, at 11 am and party on, from 12 pm until 9 pm. Mark wanted the party to go on with or without him here, so that is what we’ll do. He is going to call during the party for a head count and is happy to talk to anyone wishing to talk to him while here. I hope you can join us in kicking off another wonderful year on Rosette Street.

For those wishing to write to Mark please follow these instructions:
If you wish to write to Mark you can send him a plain white pre-stamped post card. Pre-stamped postcards can be purchased at the post office. You must only write in blue or black ink, no colored pencils or crayons, and some have experimented with typing directly onto the postcards which have gotten through and fits a lot more words than one writing it. You must write your full name and your return address or he will not receive your postcard.

*You will not be lucky enough to get a letter in, sealed in an envelope, like our dear friend, Bishop Peter Rosazza. Mark couldn’t wait to share the news of him having gotten the sealed letter delivered to him yesterday. I am truly impressed, Pedro! I’m glad you didn’t listen to me and sent it to him anyway.

Mark Colville #015635
Glynn County Detention Center
100 Sulphur Springs Road,
Brunswick, GA 31520

If you wish to help in supporting Mark and our ministry in the Hill, please send your donation to:

Amistad Catholic Worker
203 Rosette Street
New Haven, CT 06519

No donation is too small for our daily works of mercy. I have a part time job that helps to cover costs at Amistad, so it would be nice to not have to try to stretch the dollars from one day to the next.

Okay I think that about covers what I wanted to share, but if not, there’s always next time.

I hope you can come to the block party!

Peace and Love
Luz Catarineau-Colville

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