Fall 2014 call for donations

The Amistad Catholic Worker is a community of faith dedicated to the daily practice of the Works of Mercy, voluntary poverty, personalism and prayer. We rely on freewill offerings from members of our extended community to help us continue the daily work of offering hospitality in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven. This work includes serving breakfast and lunch daily – often as many as 400 or more meals a week – and offering a safe haven and nonviolent witness in the neighborhood. In the past year, we have lead a campaign to include the needs of our neighbors in a City gentrification scheme, and we’ve stopped an effort to ban sleeping on New Haven’s town green (one of the last public spaces available to those without a bed). We are involved in an ongoing effort to answer the question of our low income brothers and sisters as the city cuts public housing and shelter beds and police harass people for petty crimes associated with existing while homeless: “Where, then, shall we go?

All this work does come with some material needs: dumpsters need emptying, washing machines need fixing, heating oil needs to be bought, and property taxes must be paid. With Luz working three jobs and Mark facing jail time for his witness against the drones in upstate New York, Herb, Felipe, Eduardo and Anna Rose hold down the fort at 203 Rosette St. Whether you can give $5 or $1000, your contribution will help us work to meet the daily and long-term needs of our community of homeless and low income folks in the Hill – can you help?

Your contribution will go directly towards keeping our house open as a safe refuge for the hungry and homeless this winter. It also supports our continued work organizing among this often difficult-to-reach community, assisting in the struggle for their rights and safety. Your contribution will go directly to support those in need – there is no administrative structure to support with executive salaries or office needs. Just hungry people to feed with healthy food and wholesome community.

Please click the secure link below to donate by credit card via Paypal, or send a check made out to “Amistad Catholic Worker” to:

Amistad Catholic Worker
203 Rosette St.
New Haven, CT 06519

If you would prefer to pay the oil bill or property taxes directly, we would be happy to direct you to the appropriate account. Thank you!

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What We Need

We have some particular expenses going into the fall that we need help to afford:

$50 – Bulk trash pickup: Anna Rose bought the house a dumpster bag to help us cope with the many things that are donated each month which cannot be used because they are broken or spoiled. It is full and ready to be picked up, as soon as we can pay the pickup fee!

$850 – Heating oil: New Haven slipped overnight from blistering summer heat into shivery fall, and we scrambled to turn the heat off after it switched itself on several nights ago. Soon, we will need the heat to keep the pipes from busting. Can you help us fill up the oil tank?

$1,300/6 months – Property taxes: The Catholic Worker is not a tax-exempt organization. We are a personalist community, not a social service agency. We feel it is important for us to exist in our neighborhood as people, not as an institution, so we pay taxes. At least we will, when we have the funds!

$??? – Washing machine: Our washing machine faces the daily grind of washing the clothes and bedding of 10+ in house residents, plus those of other neighbors in need. Rico has kept it chugging along through a number of mechanical malfunctions, but now its computer has bitten the dust and we’re at a loss. Can you help us find a working washer, or fund the repair or replacement of this one?

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Looking to do more?

Now more than ever, we want to build a strong volunteer base to keep the house running. Can you commit to one meal or event per week or month? We can always use help with the following:

Monday-Friday – Meals (breakfast prep starts 6:30 and cleanup ends around 9:30, lunch prep starts around 11 and cleanup is done around 2).

Tuesdays – We receive a big food donation on Tuesdays around 1, which needs to be sorted, stored, and some of it cooked immediately.

Thursdays – Give & Take runs from around 10-noon and involves unloading and sorting food donations and clothing to distribute to our neighbors.

Fridays – On Friday afternoons we try to clean up the house from the week’s events in preparation for next week.

Any time – We always need help cleaning up the house and keeping the gardens tidy and productive! We also welcome donations of prepared food, gently used clothing, and household items. Be in touch to find a time to volunteer or drop off. Our contact information is here.

For whatever you can give, thank you!


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