July 12 Update on the Kings Bay Plowshares


For Immediate Release

Kings Bay Plowshares Codefendant Clare Grady Released to Home Confinement in Ithaca, NY to Prepare for Trial
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July 12th On Thursday morning, Clare Grady was released from Glynn County jail in Brunswick, Georgia. She has been in jail in South Georgia since April 5th, 2018 when she and six others entered Kings Bay Submarine Base to symbolically transform swords into plowshares and call for the abolition of nuclear weapons. She will return to Ithaca, New York and will be confined to her home until the yet undetermined date of trial. Clare will be required to wear an electronic ankle monitor. She was fortunate to have friends and supporters able to pay the $5,000 bond with $50,000 surety in order to obtain her release. She chose to obtain release at this time because she is innocent and knows that preparing for trial out of jail will be more effective. She will spend her time in Ithaca assiduously preparing to mount a vigorous defense of her and her co-defendants’ innocence. Both international law and domestic law clearly outline the necessity of citizen acting to prevent greater crimes by their government. Nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral and thus citizens have a clear right and obligation to act to prevent their use and production.

Mark Colville, Elizabeth McAllister, and Steve Kelly are still held in Glynn County Detention Center. We heard that the trial will probably now be in December. Will keep you posted.

Peace and Love
Luz Catarineau-Colville

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