King’s Bay Plowshares Update

Hello dear friends
Its been a long month that has only been bearable thanks to many of you that have decided to walk with us on this journey.
Mark and others were moved to a county detention center, on 5/7/2018, where people are held with less than a year to serve after conviction or have a pending trial.
If you wish to write to Mark you can send him a plain white pre-stamped post card. Pre-stamped postcards can be purchased at the post office.
You must only write in blue or black ink and It must have your return address or he won’t receive the postcard.
Mark Colville #015635

Glynn County Detention Center

100 Sulphur Springs Road,

Brunswick, GA 31520

They had their first appearance in court.
The important legal work that needed to happen was tabled for the next court date.
Their next court date was scheduled for 5/17/18.
They have their second court appearance.
Their court session started at 10 am and did not end until 7:30 pm.
It was a long day for them.
Jessica Stewart, a friend and member of the legal team sent this update of the day.
The reason for the long session was due to the members wishing to go proseé (defend themselves during their trial) had to be assessed for competency before being granted the request to defend themselves.
Hello Kings Bay Plowshares Supporters,
Our seven friends were arraigned yesterday in Brunswick, Georgia in the Southern District of Georgia Federal Court in front of Magistrate R. Stan Baker. All seven plead not guilty as expected. Except for Steve Kelly, who was not offered an option for pre trial release, they were offered the following strict conditions of release:
1. $50,000 surety, $5000 cash required to be posted
2. supervised release with home confinement & ankle bracelet
3. travel restricted to district(s) of residence and southern district of Georgia
4. passport surrender, and other restrictions.
As of right now, Martha Hennessy, Patrick O’Neill, and Carmen Trotta are willing to accept these conditions and hope to bond out and continue the witness by writing and speaking on the outside during the pretrial phase.  Liz McAlister, Clare Grady, and Mark Colville have decided, for the moment, not to bond out and accept these conditions. They may revisit this decision in the coming weeks or months.
The best way to support Mark, and our family/community would be to help us keep our doors open; financial donations to cover bills related to the ministering of the folks we serve at Amistad, your assistance in covering meals, working in the garden, and sorting donations that comes into Amistad.
The donations are then distributed to the wider community at no charge.
Friends of Amistad have the ability to do laundry, take showers, eat filling meals to sustain them throughout the day, so we could really use your help.
I have included in this email a reflection by Mark Colville, the link to the front page of the Tribune and Georgian that was published on the day of their indictment, a You tube video of our dear friend, Stephen Kobasa, being interviewed about the Kings Bay Plowshares, and a reflection that was printed in the New Haven Register, by our friend and clergy, Allie Perry, which you may have already received in a previous email.
A reflection from Mark Colville:
This was written after learning of the federal charges (handwritten on 3 postcards)
Thursday, May 3, 2018Once again, a federal court has plainly identified itself as another hall of the Pentagon by turning a blind eye to the criminal and murderous enterprise from which the Pentagon has repeatedly refused to desist for the past 73 years. According to international and constitutional law, both of which are binding and superceding law in all U.S. jurisdictions, the building and possession of first-strike nuclear weapons is a crime. Yet, apparently the U.S. District Court in Brunswick is content to let impunity and immunity reign supreme for those who would hold all of humanity hostage by terroristic threat, choosing instead to criminalize the right and duty of nonviolent resistance.

The destructive capacity of the D-5 missiles fitted for the six Trident submarines home-ported at Kings Bay is enough to kill an estimate of more than six billion people.* What the U.S. Attorney’s office asserts by the charges it brings today, and the charges it fails to bring, is that the genocide unleashed by the launching of those weapons will be a legally sanctioned event.

As a conscientious citizen of this planet, I refuse to accept the legitimacy of such a court, and I am proud to stand accused by it. In a spirit of hope and solidarity, then, I invite all who dare to dream with us of a future without a nuclear gun held to the heads of all our children, to stand in vigil with the Kings Bay Plowshares.

Mark Colville

Kings Bay Plowshares Indicted
This was on the first page of the cover of the Tribune and Georgian, the local paper where they are currently jailed.

Stephen Kobasa was interviewed about the Kings Bay Plowshares:

Sacrificing Themselves to Warn Governments Risk Omnicide

Allie Perry’s reflection was printed in the New Haven Register
I would like to thank you again for all your help during this time.
We do not take this action lightly and invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the action after having reviewed all the information I have shared.
If you wish to no longer receive updates please do let me know.
No judgement here.
Checks can be made out to and sent to the Amistad Catholic Worker
Amistad Catholic Worker
If you are looking to help out by donating your time.
Here are a couple of options.
Just let me know what free time you have and I can help you figure out how best to use it.
We could use your help to serve a meal.
We serve two meals five days a week.
Monday through Friday
Breakfast: 7:30-8:30 am
Lunch: 12-1 pm
The prep, serving, and cleanup usually takes up to an hour, before and after, each meal.
You will not need to have any experience in helping with the meals.
We are not a shelter nor a soup kitchen, so it’s simple and you will be fulfilled by the experience.
You will be able to pickup the flow very easily even when it’s hectic
Your presence is key.
Everything else will come through practice.
You can help us by working in the Amistad community garden.
The garden is located a couple of properties down from us.
We have many tasks that need to be fulfilled like weeding, chopping wood (fire wood is used to heat up The Oasis retreat house in PA), watering and eventually harvesting the crops.
We’ve had the pleasure of having clients from CT Mental Health help us plant some seedlings last week, so we are well on our way to a fruitful harvest and ahead of schedule I will add.
We will provide tools needed to work in the garden.
We get a lot of donations that include clothing, household items, and furniture.
Sorting donations of clothing (this can be done anytime including nights and weekends)
You can help us by sorting clothes by gender and size.
We usually have requests for sizes from several individuals regularly then we put out the rest on Thursday morning during “Give and Take” at no charge.
You could help us by picking up furniture.
We have a truck that one can use to do the pickup but not always the muscle power needed.
The furniture picked up is given to individuals and families that are in need at no charge.
We are always looking for help  cutting up potatoes, onions and peppers for our breakfast potatoes. (This can be done any evening)
I don’t always have much energy to do this task every night, after a long day at work, and covering both meals.
When I don’t prep the potatoes I supplement the meal by making oats or grits to add onto the plate.
You can help us by keeping our front yard clean.
We get a lot of goods donated throughout the week, some items good and some not.
Sometimes there is so much that our front yard looks unkept.
We want to be great neighbors but it’s hard to keep up the yard when I’m by myself at the house.
I could use some help receiving/sorting perishable donations.
We get donations of perishable items from Bishops, Big Y, Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, and the Long Wharf produce market.
These deliveries come in on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.
Monday night we get a delivery of bagged lunches through Midnight Run.
Some of these donations comes during the day and others at night.
There is a practical way to help offset our budget by picking up an item or two while you’re doing your shopping.
The Amistad budget is pretty huge due to the purchases we make weekly.
These items can be donated after making arrangements with me by texting/calling me at 203-812-0340, or coming during the meal hours when someone is definitely at the house.
These are the items that are usually found on my shopping list.
We could use the following items:
-Pancake mix-complete just add water version is preferable
-Pancake syrup
-Milk-we go through about 1 1/2 gallons at each breakfast hour aside from using it to make oats and grits
-Cereal-any cold cereal would help
-Oatmeal-Steel cut oats works best for the overnight crockpot oatmeal recipe, but I can use whatever you drop off
-Margarine – we use both margarine sticks and the tub version.
-Creamer-powdered preferred
-Sugar-we go through a 25 pound bag every week
-Rolls of paper towels
-Toilet tissue

-Cans of evaporated milk

-Powdered juice mix
-Eggs- we go through about seven dozens eggs a week, for breakfast sandwiches and the french toast batter.
-Pasta sauce
-Tomato sauce
Well I feel overwhelmed having put his email together and thank you for your patience and willingness to receive the updates.
Looking forward to hearing from you in any capacity you are wishing to share or communicate with me.
I talk to Mark several times a week so feel free to send me a message you wish for me to share with Mark the next I talk to him.

Thank you

Luz Catarineau-Colville

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