Work for Mercy

Work for Mercy-Video

Above is the link to a song that I wrote, inspired by the great work of the Amistad Catholic Worker House. The lyrics are as follows:

Dorothy Day and MLK
Showed us a different way.
March for jobs, help the poor
Don’t go around starting wars.
We believe this legacy is to build
Beloved communities.
Reach for me, I’ll reach for you
Together we will make it through.

Chorus: Until all non-violent prisoners are free
Every day that we breathe we will work for mercy.
And no one in this world should go hungry
You don’t have to worry we will work for mercy.
Work for mercy.

They can’t build a wall to keep out love,
Our mandate is from God above.
Ban humans, keep us apart,
But the evil lives within their hearts.
We’ll rise up, we will stand tall
Justice be done though the heavens fall!
I may be black, you may be white
That doesn’t mean we have to fight.
There’s no such thing as might makes right,
We won’t back down, we’ll take back the night.
And we might not always agree
But we can live in harmony
Cuz I need you, and you need me.
Doing this work is gonna make us free.

-Chorus, Repeat Chorus and fade-


2017.  Sarah Mckenzie Raven

This song would not have been possible without the labor, guitar and background vocals of Brian C. Granger and the use of the audio studio at the Lawrence Kansas Public Library.

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