Thursday: A Festival of Hope

The Amistad Catholic Worker invites you to join us in celebration of our confrontation with the principalities and powers in resistance to endless war and illegal drone strikes.

This Thursday, November 20th, we will gather in hope, in celebration and in resistance, at St. Anthony Church, 25 Gold St. (off of Washington Avenue), New Haven, 6:30pm.  There will be plenty of food and fun.  Mark Colville of the Amistad community will speak about drones and their victims, his nonviolent act of resistance and trial, and how the courts are colluding with the Pentagon to keep this murderous program beyond the reach of law.  We will also discuss the challenges ahead for the Amistad community, and how we can face those challenges together.
There will also be a performance: Orkestar BAM ( play a half-hour set around 8:00. Expect yummy Puerto Rican food!
On September 18, 2014, Mark was convicted on five criminal charges for walking peacefully to the front gate of the 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Airfield in Syracuse, NY, along with YDS students Creighton Chandler and Greg Williams, to deliver a People’s Order Of Protection For The Children OfAfghanistan.  Mark and his family/community are preparing for his sentencing on December 3rd, in a court that has gone to extreme lengths to justify the U.S. government’s extrajudicial killing and crimes against humanity perpetrated through weaponized drone strikes.  Before the trial, Judge Robert Jokl threatened to give Mark the maximum penalty allowable, which could amount to more than two years in prison.
Note: As you who have supported us in the past know, this situation has placed a stress on the life of the Amistad Catholic Worker, and with Mark away it will continue to increase. We need people to think of ways to help us, both financially and by lending a hand to our work of hospitality. Please put some prayerful  consideration into this, and join us if you can! For more information, call Frances Goekler-Morneau:  (203)676-2066; (203)562-6165

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