Updates from ULA

Photo courtesy of Cora Lewis, New Haven Independent

Photo courtesy of Cora Lewis, New Haven Independent

Gourmet Heaven owner arrested

After months of protest, the city is starting to move on the pressing issue of wage theft. Read all about it here:

More news from ULA:

Domingo 2 de marzo a las 3:30 pm en la Escuela de Fair Haven, 164 Grand Avenue
Una obra de teatro que no se pueden perder!
Inspirada en los cuentos de Juan Rulfo
Director: German Jaramillo
La obra será en español y es completamente gratis. Los asientos son limitados. Llamen y reserven sus asientos. 203-606-3484

Did you know that this year, when the Connecticut legislature raised the minimum wage, they also reduced the pay rate for waiters and waitresses, under pressure from restaurant lobbyists? Unidad Latina en Accion trekked to Hartford in thickly falling snow to testify before the legislature. Read more on the New Haven Speaks blog –>

Edgar Javier Marin returns to court Feb. 26

More than 900 people have signed the petition to stop Javier’s deportation. If you haven’t signed it, click here now!
Javier went to immigration court last week, and ICE refused to give him a bond. He is still detained, and returns to court tomorrow. Javier’s family and friends have been busy all week visiting the offices of Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, Congresswoman DeLauro, and the Consul of Ecuador to seek their support. We want the Connecticut state’s attorney to reopen Javier’s criminal case so that he can clear his name, and we need the politicians to make that happen. La lucha sigue!

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