Gourmet Heaven boycott update

From Unidad Latina en Acción (ULA):

Photo campaign today: Take your photo with a message for the owner of Gourmet Heaven. Upload it to Facebook and tag “Gourmet Heaven” and hashtag #BoycottGHeav . Yalies will be on Cross Campus today from 1 – 4 pm to snap your photo!Facebook event here

Picket today: 5:30 pm outside 15 Broadway … It’s important to turn out because …
Guess what?? The management is passing out phony flyers to customers. See our response below… Very funny Mr. Cho! We need volunteers to pass flyers outside Gourmet Heaven on a regular basis … please contact us!
On www.ulanewhaven.org A new video in which one of the fired workers says “Hello students … I want to ask for your help!”  And a pamphlet by Yale students that answers your questions such as “Isn’t this a matter for the Department of Labor?” “Are the workers comfortable with all this?” Check it out!

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